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Amongst The Killing

by: Joe Compton

What really sticks out the most for me from this book is Chuck's POV. Jack's POV was also good, but I felt that the narrative from Chuck was more real and identifiable for the author. I love my female authors, but I very much appreciate the male point of view for this book.

My heart broke as Chuck dwelled on memories of his lost family, and the way he referred to his daughter and wife - his future Miss America and his current personal Miss America respectively - was very touching and real.

I very much enjoyed watching the journey of Chuck's sad mourning period and temporary loss of himself, as well as the "pauses" in the book when Chuck wakes up and is quite disoriented. All the steps of mourning were described very well.

I loved the way the story ended, and it put a smile on my face. I would definitely like to see Charles Street in more books!