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Nov. 7, 2015

Dragons of Faith

(multi-author anthology)

I loved how innovative this book is, having one cohesive

 main story with bits told by different authors with different styles - and featuring different religious beliefs to boot. I thought it was very well put together and portrayed a great deal about humanity as a whole.

Bernard by Julianne Snow - I have read this author's works before and enjoyed it. Unfortunately when I read this story and the next story, it was a while ago and I have since lost my notes for them. :( So I apologize to the authors for this, but I do remember I enjoyed this story and the author is very good at telling stories.

Sarah by Daniel Picarella - Again I regret I lost the file for the notes I wrote after I read this, but I do remember the betrayal in the story and how heart-wrenching it was. Well done.

Rashmi by Frantiska Oliver - Good and fascinating story about lasting friendship enduring for millenia.

Asher by Richard Graham - I liked this and have known people who were shunned by churches and even family because of that family's strict beliefs. I like how, in the story, Asher learned by watching someone else's experience and therefore wnated to apologize to his brother.

Cynic by Sean Hayden - Very well written! I enjoyed the Los Angeles setting. Will look for more by this author.

Daigu by Marc Quaranta - A serious, introspective piece that made me think about my own life, I enjoyed this story that covers many emotions and phases of life.

Antonia by Michelle Anderson-Picarella - I have already read the first edition of LIVIAN, so I knew I'd enjoy this. The author definitely knows how to tell things her way, in a story with a strong female lead. This was a great way to end the book and I loved it!



by: Mireille Chester

I normally don’t read fantasy; for some reason they’re difficult for me to read. I definitely took this into account when reading this book and writing this review.

First of all I have to say that I believe the author is a natural romance writer. The love scenes written in this book are extremely well done and I am quite impressed with them.

I do wish there was a bit more character development. One thing that was difficult for me personally is that I know nothing about horses, so I got a little lost when I stumbled onto the horse jargon, but that’s really a minor thing and rather unimportant to the plot. Some of the scenes seemed a bit awkward and contrived to me, but the author more than makes up for it with her excellent love scenes. I wouldn’t change a thing with those love scenes at all.

There were lots of funny and well-written lines that I enjoyed. The author has created a new, intricate, interesting universe that you’ll want to learn about. Kudos to Ms. Chester, and please keep writing romance books.



by: Michelle Anderson Picarella

It is a perfect account of a young girl who is considered an oddity in her land. The word placements by the author are beautiful and deliberate. It is written cinematically so the readers have no trouble imagining the events.

Personally, I loved how the author put a new spin on how we perceieve certain creatures. However, I do need to read the sequel as soon as possible, so I hope the author takes note of this. :)

Also, I love Elsa. Where can I find my own Elsa?!

It was an amazing experience reading this book. Waiting anxiously for the next!