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My books have been offline for over a year, and I'm happy to say they are available once again!

Now available at the estore of your choice (distributors constantly being updated). All books can be read as stand alones, though you will always get the best experience by reading them in order. :)

I have had 4 books of each series planned for many years! I have over a dozen works in progress in the moment, so be sure to follow me on Facebook for updates.

God Generation Series

(women's fiction; level 3 heat level/ steamy)

Surreal Ecstasy - A young woman is in the aftermath of dealing with an abusive relationship and light ecstasy use. Forced to find the strength in herself, she stumbles across a group of people who are from the God Generation - angels, demons, and gods born as humans with limited power. She also discovers that the man she'd just met and is now involved with is her own Living Guardian Angel.

DayDreamer Series

(teen paranormal/ fantasy romance; level 1 heat level/ sweet)

DayDreamer- 16-year-old Kayla discovers that her quiet California mountain town is actually the residence for many mythological beings who have taken human form. Their children, whose powers differ, are known as Lyziccs, but Kayla didn’t even know what Lyziccs were, never mind that she is one. She’s having enough trouble juggling dating two of the cutest boys at school. (Contains no profanity or adult situations.)

Surreal Enemies: Angel City -

Morgan is recovering from dating violence and ecstasy addiction has a fresh start with a famous, ex-guardian-angel boyfriend and deals with friendship, pregnancy, jealousy, childbirth, old wounds, enemies, and death as expected of someone involved in the unpredictable God Generation.

Sandgirl's Dream- Kayla’s parents are kidnapped, leaving her and Pearl alone and worried. Thankfully, fraternal twin hotties Hale and Collin open their vast underground home to them. But it’s hard for Kayla to enjoy this closeness to Hale when she also has a best friend who’s been avoiding her and a less-than-sane mythological grandfather. Not to mention that her new boyfriend’s mother wants to kill her because of some ancient pact!