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Short Stories

I've been so fortunate in that I've not only been included in a few incredible anthologies, but I've made friends with pretty amazing authors over the years.

Most recent work - a fun *slightly scary* horror short called "Tami and the Fried Pickle Caper" included in an AMAZING anthology known as Demonic Carnival: First Ticket's Free.

I believe there are about 20 stories here, and when it came out I sat down to read all of them. All authors were new to me except for FD Gross, and I loved them all. A few stories especially stuck out to me due to what I felt were the authors' exceptional skill:

Coming soon - short story trilogy, including the all-new third installment of this post-apocalyptic series.

Story 1, Bettina, is included in the Gems of Strengths anthology:

Story 2, Bettina's Battle, is included in the Gems of Freedom anthology:


Sharliss: A Word From a Doormat is a short story about a woman who's so over being pushed around by people. Will she stand up to her lousy date or to her bossy cousin? (chick lit, feminist short story – less than 4,000 words)


I have a short short story available for #FREE in the following anthology:

And one of my favorite short stories ever known as Mabel's Promotion can also be found for #FREE in this anthology:


My first-ever short story can be found in this amazing anthology of spirits who refuse to leave the realm of Earth: