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Young Adult


The Truth about Broken Trees

by: Kelly Hall

At first I was a bit worried I wouldn’t remember the story as it had been a while since I’ve read the second book.

However, this is a unique and engrossing story, and I recalled it instantly.

It was good, if not maddening, and in the best way possible, because I care about the characters so much and it’s a little like a soap opera in that sense.

Instead of reading this book, I felt like it was an experience, like I was pulled into one of Lily’s visions and experienced this whole adventure with her. Kelly Hall excels at that. I think of this book – and this whole series – as a soap opera for teens meets VC Andrews (the REAL VC Andrews – not her ghostwriter) meets Texas small town fiction.

When I first started reading this book I had only intended to read the first page to get a glimpse of how the book will read. However, I couldn’t stop until I’d finished. It’s very suspenseful and is well-told. As always with Kelly Hall, I will wait with bated breath for the next installment!


The Legend of the Light Keeper

by: Kelly Hall

What can I say? I loved this book. To put it simply, it was engrossing, smart, and entertaining.

The author definitely knows how to write for a YA audience; it was very easy for me to get wrapped up in Lily’s world. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop until I finished! I loved this character almost immediately and after reading the book, I almost feel like I know her. Honestly, for a few minutes it made me miss being 15.

I loved that there were the perfect amount of humor sprinkled throughout; I smiled and laughed a lot while reading this.

Also, the amount of detail is just right. You can easily imagine how the characters are positioned, as well as the scenery, but the author never spends more time on these details than necessary.

The writing style of the diary could have been altered a bit more to reflect the slightly different speech style of 100 years ago. However, the only real complaint I have is that I want more, so hopefully there will be a sequel soon!

Kelly Hall is a very skilled writer and I am definitely a fan.