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The audiobook for my teen novel, DayDreamer, is coming out soon! The amazing, talented, beautiful, professional, and very sweet Laura Stetman is narrating it - and she does such an amazing job. I listen to her work as if I'm hearing my own story for the first time. It's quite an experience. Stay posted for updates!

Check out the short essay I wrote about FD Gross's novel, Inquisition.

More news to come! xoxo

If you're new here, hi! :)

You may ask, what genre do I write? The short answer is that I mostly write women's fiction. I write a bit of horror in short story form.

The longer answer is:

I have a clean, teen paranormal romance series (DayDreamer) which has a light, humorous tone to it, especially the first book. Each new book in the series that I release will be a tad darker than the last, but every book in the series will be consistently clean - no cursing or adult situations.

I have a women's fiction paranormal romance series (God Generation, also known as the Surreal series) that is more serious. Its focus is on the emotional development of the main character; her overcoming past parental neglect and dating violence, as well as a recreational ecstasy habit. These issues make her feel especially unworthy when a paranormal aspect is thrown into the story; former gods, angels, and demons who have been born into human bodies, people who are collectively called the God Generation. She has to overcome her personal issues as well as deal with the dynamics of a new relationship and everything that comes with it.

I have a short story out that can be called chick lit. I've been working on a funny, raunchy chick lit story for a few years now. It won't be ready for quite a while as it's not my top priority, but I think you guys'll like it when it's completed.

I've written a few horror short stories. I have thought of writing horror novels, but not sure my brain could handle that kind of commitment.

I have also been working on an intense work that will not involve demons or powers but will involve a woman who is attracted to evil after an abusive childhood left her empty, and a man who believes it's his mission to bring her back to God. It isn't often a write a particularly religious piece, and I don't believe this necessarily is, but I'm going to continue to write this and see how it comes out.‚Äč

What's next for me?

I am finishing the last story in my popular post-apocalyptic short story trilogy, Bettina. I'm then going to be releasing the trilogy on its own. This has been a lot of fun to write. Take a look at my short story page if you want to read the first two stories now (they're currently in separate anthologies).

I am already putting together outlines for four follow-up novels that will take place in the same universe as Bettina. One novel will be from her point of view, three will not. :)


Want a great spooky and funny read? I know the perfect anthology to get you going.

Check out the details and my review here (click and scroll down).

Click on the cover to buy!


You can order this now! Click on the beautiful cover below for more details.


Book One of Hypostasis

by McCallum J. Morgan

I await thee, Iara--the Book of Elem

A planet said to be heaven itself is about to appear in the firmament. The armies of the Empire and rebel factions prepare to stake their claims, but an ancient evil has emerged and its eyes have been fixed upon Iara for millennia.

A runaway farm boy and a cult apprentice will both find themselves drawn into the core of this conflict. Their destinies are tangled with those of the Empire, the rebellion, the Church of Elem, a menagerie of monsters, and the universe itself.

Heresy, fellowship, valor, and darkness will all emerge--and be tested to the breaking point.

Cast of Characters:

Tesek Nyme flees his abusive father and leaves his home world to join the Imperial Navy. Struggling with anxiety and alienation, he's just trying to fit in and survive. War is coming and he will have to rise above it all to save the first friends he's ever really had and meet his destiny.

Zymar Thrassus is a beast trainer for the nihilistic cult of the Thrik. Enraptured by the Nihil Operas, he dreams of Geszmitt--the last day--but he will come to question all of his beliefs as events unfold and the Thrik aoign themselves with a forgotten evil and an exotic alien culture fighting for freedom from the Empire's state religion.

Osrua Va'akoth, the Imperial Astrologer, seeks to guide the Regent Princess in preserving the universe from ancient evil, but he must hide his own past and the true heresy of his quest.

About the Author:

McCallum J. Morgan writes steampunk fantasy, alternate history, and science fiction, mixing in the mythical and the macabre. He also dabbles in the dark arts of painting and costuming.

Inspired at a young age by the fantasy novels he read voraciously, he set out to become an author. After many failed attempts to write various books, he became superstitious and at last approached what he termed 'AAAB' or Attempt-at-a-book, so as not to jinx the thing. It worked.

His first novel was published when he was nineteen and now, at 23, he has a full trilogy of steampunk fantasy, called the Weather Casters Saga, along with the standalone horror-comedy, Ambulatory Cadavers. His writing is inspired by the fiction he loves: old myth, classic horror, and the kinds of books where the characters leap off the page. A bit eccentric, he prefers to appear at signing events and comicons in book-related costumes which he sews himself. He is also a self proclaimed amateur artist, with a predilection for watercolors and coffee...occasionally intermixed by accident.



xoxo, Chrissy


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